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Cori created beautiful, clear, and concise images that became one of our most engaged with posts of the year. [She] did an excellent job of translating our goals to an image, and was gracious and timely about edits we requested. Could not recommend Cori more!

Alex Yijia Ding,
Dissenters – Co-Director of Organizing

Cori was able to take ideas from the visioning session and turn them into exactly what I’d envisioned in my mind. She also has an excellent sense of humor and lightness in her work, which is something I strive to include in my own work. She’s great at receiving feedback and adapting the design. I was new to working with a graphic designer, and she was patient without being patronizing as I learned my way. Cori also kept us fairly on schedule and made sure we were meeting our milestones.

Adia Morris Swanger,
Springboard for the Arts – Program Manager of Professional Development

Cori brought talent, creativity, professionalism, and solutions-oriented thinking to her work on our organization’s annual report.

Her artwork is beautiful — she’s able to capture abstract concepts, like transformation and justice, along with realistic depictions of people and situations. She set expectations very clearly via the invoice/timeline and drew clear boundaries. The annual report has been viewed online by thousands of people. A few of our donors have mentioned how much they loved the artwork, and how it ‘dances across the pages.’ It felt refreshing and inspiring!

Lizzie McQuillan,
Corporate Accountability – Associate Communications Director

The work of Onibaba Studio is informed by the work and teachings of many campaigns, groups, and organizations. As either a volunteer or contractor I have created art with:

  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago
  • Black Arts Movement School
  • The Catalyst Project – Ann Braden Fellowship
  • Central Florida Climate Action
  • Close Rikers Campaign
  • Coalition for Asian American Leaders
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Dissenters
  • End Money Bond Coalition
  • End the Gang Database
  • Erase the Database Coalition
  • Fight for Renters’ Coop Cielo sin Limites
  • Food Culture Collective
  • For the People Artist Collective
  • Green New Deal Network
  • Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
  • The IL Network for Pre-trail Justice
  • Japanese American Services Center Archives
  • The Kairos Fellowship
  • LUYA poetry
  • Nikkei Abolition Study Group
  • Nikkei Uprising Chicago
  • Organized Communities Against Deportation
  • Ostara Initiative
  • Parks & Power Minneapolis
  • Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association
  • RadAZNs in the Twin Cities
  • Reclaim the Block
  • SOUL in Chicago
  • Tsuru for Solidarity
  • University of California’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health Center
  • University of Illinois Chicago’s Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health
  • University of Minnesota – Center for Urban and Regional Affairs 

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