onibaba studio

specializes in creative print and digital

illustrations, graphic recordings & visuals

for storytelling, education, and narrative shifting

onibaba studio is fully operated by cori nakamura lin (she/her) in chicago, on the land of the council of the three fires.

cori is a japanese//taiwanese-american illustrator specializing in culture-centered storytelling and radical information sharing. with over 10 years of experience crafting visuals for non-profits, foundations, community groups, and publications, she makes art that fuels action. cori is inspired by cephalopods, visionary fiction, her own hunger, and the future generations of gosei/rokusei.

an onibaba is a demon mountain hag of japanese story.

my studio name honors these mythic figures as “women who struggled in vein to break free from the confines of femininity and motherhood” and is inspired by them as “social dissenters who chose to transform themselves into non-human beings.” (mayako murai)

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